Algolia Search in Jekyll

Algolia search in Jekyll Algolia search in Jekyll

Welcome to 2021!

I am relieved and delighted to have finally managed the Algolia search setup for Unix Tutorial. I’ve been looking to upgrade search for a long time but had not enough JavaScript and CSS knownledge to replace the default search with Algolia’s one.

I’m going through a short technical course about Vue (JavaScript framework), so this must have put me into the right mindset.

Algolia is a hosted index/search solution, meaning you need to push index of your pages or get them run external scan of your blog’s RSS feed. Results are great with both approaches: you get access to instant quality search with plenty of customisation options and search filters.

I think it’s possible to configure Netlify to update Algolia search index with new content upon my every push of blog posts into GitHub - will learn how to do it and publish the whole search thing as a Unix Tutorial Project.

Must say: I’m very impressed with Algolia setup and documentation. Thank you and well done!

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