Homelab: Mac Pro 2013 32GB

Did I mention that I have recently purchased the iconic Mac Pro 2013 desktop for virtualisation and macOS experiments in my homelab?

Mac Pro 2013 - macOS Sonoma Mac Pro 2013 - macOS Sonoma

Yes, the year is 2024 and Mac Pro 2013 is now more than 10 years old, but many models are still in perfect working order and pack quite a punch for something this old.

The model I got comes with 6-core Xeon CPU and 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD. I think it has 6 thunderbolt connections and 4 USB ones, not to mention two Gigabit network interfaces and HDMI. It’s an old system so HDMI only supports 30Mhz for 4K, but thunderbolt connection should support 60Mhz.

If I really want to, I can upgrade it to 64GB RAM or even a much better 12-core CPU - both upgrades seem to be overkill but also sound like quite fun projects (and spares for such an old system are really cheap these days).

As always, initial post-config is done using Ansible and homebrew.

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