Solaris Commands

Solaris OS has quite a set of unique commands that are not found in any one Unix variety. This said, some of the most popular technologies like ZFS are finding their way into other distributions and are no longer Solaris-only.

Solaris Commands List

  • ptree - show process tree in Solaris
  • dtrace - dynamic tracing
  • prtdiag - show system configuration
  • prstat - process monitoring
  • inetadm - manage and observe network services in Solaris 10
  • kstat - access kernel statistics and parameters
  • audit and auditctl - audit system

Package management in Solaris

  • pkgadm
  • pkg (think it’s borrowed from another OS)

Zone management in Solaris

  • zoneadm - manage (start/stop) Solaris zones
  • zonecfg - configure (setup or updaet) an individual Solaris zone

ZFS Filesystem

  • zfs - manage ZFS filesystems
  • zpool - manage ZFS storage pools

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