How To: View Windows (CIFS) Shares

I’m working on further configuring the Helios 4 based network storage. Some of network clients I have are Linux systems, some are MacOS based and some are Windows. So it seems I’ll have all the basic network share access commands refreshed in the next few days!

View Shares with smbclient Command

smbclient command isn’t usually installed on Linux system by default, so you will probably need to install it. On my Linux Mint system, I installed it like this:

greys@xps:~$ sudo apt install smbclient

Once installed, smbclient can be used to show network shares by specifying an IP address of the NAS server.

You’re asked for a password but can just press Enter to check public network shares. In my setup I don’t have any public shares, so I typed the password configured on NAS server for my user greys:

greys@xps:~$ smbclient -L
WARNING: The "syslog" option is deprecated
Enter WORKGROUP\greys's password:

Sharename      Type      Comment
---------      ----      -------
Storage        Disk      New Stuff
Stuff          Disk      Stuff
TimeMachine    Disk 
home           Disk      Home directory of greys

That’s it for today! Will keep you posted on further progress.

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