Welcome to 2020!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and to welcome you into 2020!

Unix Tutorial: 2019 in Numbers

2019 has been the greatest year in all of the UnixTutorial.org history: 970K views – that’s just one typical week shy of a whole 1 million post and page views!

I’m super thankful to everyone who stopped by and plan to make 2020 an even bigger success – for you and for me.

I made 258 posts last year, so it will be really great to do 300 or more in 2020.

Need Any Help?

Please get in touch or ask a question in chat widget, I would love to help you solve quick and not so quick Unix challenges.

I’m also looking for opportunities in training – so if you have a team of technical professionals looking for guidance with Unix/Linux administration – please get in touch to arrange a custom training program or just have me create or review a manual or technical guide.

See You Around

2020 will be an awesome year – THANK YOU and hope you see you on Unix Tutorial pages and my Unix Tutorial Facebook group.

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I use Brave browser, it's awesome: Brave Browser I'm also a fan of SetApp for macOS: SetApp for macOS
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I'm a principal consultant with Tech Stack Solutions. I help with cloud architectrure, AWS deployments and automated management of Unix/Linux infrastructure. Get in touch!
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