Web Console in RHEL8

I’m not a fan of web interfaces for managing Linux systems and usually don’t see them unless a hosting provider preinstalled something. But it seems my default Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 in a VirtualBox VM got the web console enabled by default.

Accessing Web Console in RHEL8

I see reminder of the web console upon every SSH login into the VM:

Web console: https://rhel8:9090/ or https://192.168.X.Y:9090/

So, connection to the virtual machine’s IP address on port 9090 will open the RHEL8 web console:

Web console in RHEL8

Screenshots of Web Console in RHEL8

Here are just the screenshots of the web panel, it seems most of the common tasks can now be accomplished using the panel – from joining AD domain to managing users, updates, disk storage and subscriptions. Pretty cool!

What do you like most in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8? Let me know!

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