VirtualBox 6.0

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 17.45.34.pngTurns out, VirtualBox 6.0 was released on December 18th, 2018.

Looking at the release notes I have found the following intersting features that I’ve yet to try:

VirtualBox 6.0

  • Nested virtualization – avaialbe only on AMD CPUs for now – this allows you to install a hypervisor like KVM or VirtualBox inside a VirtualBox guest VM – this still needs hw virtualization.
  • Hyper-V support – apparently, VirtualBox will detect if it’s running on a Windows server with Hyper-V activated, and will use Hyper-V as virtualization engine – albeit, it might run slower than native VirtualBox or Hyper-V guest VMs
  • Moving stuff – both disk images and VM metadata can now be moved very easily to a new location
  • Closing VMs improved – there’s now an option to keep the same hardware UUID when closing a guest VM
  • FUSE mount for vdisk images – on Mac OS hosts it’s possible to use a vboximg-mount command for raw access to the virtual disks

I’ve updated my VirtualBox software page with the above notes and will be testing features and sharing.

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