Upgraded MacBook Pro to Big Sur

Installing macOS 11 - Big Sur Installing macOS 11 - Big Sur

Who knew! Upgrading my trusty MacBook Pro to Big Sur went a lot smoother now that both the operating system and the third party software had a couple of months to reconcile.

Everything Again Looks New and Shiny

It’s a bit weird - macOS Catalina didn’t feel old or strange all this time, but tonight when I upgraded everything suddenly looks and feels different and somehow better.

I really like the subtle improvements in interface.

Update on the Apps I Use

There were only 3 apps that I couldn’t get to work on the day one after my upgrade two months ago, here are updates:

  • SuperDuper! - I’m using v3.3.1 which is the latest version available, and it’s not complaining about BigSur so perhaps it will work for in-place updates? I don’t want to overwrite Catalina backup though so will wait until I get another external hard disk big enough to test backup and restore.

  • Little Snitch - I had issues with the initial version of Little Snitch 5.0, but bugs were fixed and now there’s no problem at all - I downloaded latest version from official website and it upgraded and worked without a single issue. Well done!

  • Arq backups - as I suggested in my original Big Sur post, the error messages seemed external and not specific to OS upgrade. Turns out After I logged back into my cloud storage and network shares Arq v5 continued working just fine.

We’ll see if next few days highlight any more issues of in-place upgrading macOS Catalina to Big Sur on MacBook Pro 2017 - but things are looking pretty good right now.

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