Updates to Unix Reference pages

You may have noticed: I’m finally getting really close to organising the first few technologies of Unix and Linux kind into proper Unix Reference pages!

Unix Tutorial Reference

I have created the Unix Tutorial Reference section more than 10 years ago. Initially it’s just been an index of pages on Unix Tutorial, but lately I’ve been re-thinking its purpose and making updates.

What I want Unix Tutorial Reference page to be is a collection of the most impactful and useful content here on my blog. For now, there’s less than 10 technologies I want to expand and link from the Reference page, but eventually we’ll see more.

Unix Reference Pages

Each Unix Tutorial Reference page will be found under the Reference section. Each such reference page will aim to be an ever-growing technical introduction to a chosen topic – complete with defintions and relevant support commands.

I’ve got only two reference pages properly started at this stage:

  • SSH Reference – everything I have written about SSH to date, eventually will be enough to act as complete introduction and how-to guide for managing both SSH server and SSH client.
  • SELinux Reference – more structured guide but a shorter page. I want it to read as a 1-pager explaining what SELinux is and how it can be used and managed.

Please check out the Unix Tutorial Reference page, SSH Reference or SELinux Reference and let me know what you think!

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