Uninstalling minikube

Перевод: Удаляем minikube

Deleting minikube Deleting minikube

Don’t remember how, but I ended up with two Kubernetes installs on my mcfly desktop with macOS: the one that came with Docker Desktop for macOS and the minikube variety that I must have downloaded and installed in the past.

What is minikube?

minikube is a local Kubernetes environment for testing and development purposes. It spins up a lightweight virtual machine (will work even on a modest laptop) and runs an entire Kubernetes cluster in it.

Kubernetes (I haven’t written about it on Unix Tutorial yet) is an open-source system for managing containerized applications – deploying, scaling and failing them over using cluster architecture.

Deleting minikube

It’s great that minikube has support for such scenarios, so I just stopped it and invoked delete command like this:

greys@mcfly:~ $ minikube stop
 ✋  Stopping "minikube" in hyperkit …
 🛑  "minikube" stopped.
 greys@mcfly:~ $ minikube delete
 🔥  Deleting "minikube" in hyperkit …
 💔  The "minikube" cluster has been deleted.
 🔥  Successfully deleted profile "minikube"

To be sure things aren’t left behind, I also deleted the minikube configurartion directory:

and even the binary symlink itself:

Docker-desktop variety of Kubernetes is now the only one left, so I can continue my experiments and will publish more in the coming days:

docker-desktop - Kubernetes docker-desktop - Kubernetes

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