Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo Released

Ubuntu 21.04 Ubuntu 21.04

It’s April, meaning next Ubuntu release is here! Earlier this week Ubuntu 21.04 codenamed Hirsute Hippo was released.

I’m not using Ubuntu as my desktop OS for quite some time, but will probably reinstall my XPS laptop with Ubuntu 21.10 in October.

I’m pleased to see lots of popular productivity packages available and suggested right after the install - this makes setup really easy:

Ubuntu 21.04 Ubuntu 21.04 - Productivity Software

Ubuntu 21.04 Improvements

  • Linux Kernel is now 5.11.0-16-generic
  • Wayland compositor is now the default, finally replacing Xorg server
  • New desktop theme - Yaru

Still to come in the next release (hopefully) are GTK 4.0 and therefore GNOME 40.

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