Thank You For Your Support!

I have activated Unix Tutorial for Brave Rewards a while ago, but noticed that a first tip was made by someone just recently. Thank you!

I tried and didn’t like monetizing my blogs using ads. Affiliate links to books and products are much better and more useful in my view. But Brave browser introduced something even better: it’s now possible to tip owners of website, Twitter account or Youtube author with BAT (Basic Attention Token) cryptocurrency.

Want to try Brave? Click the link in sidebar or simply visit!

Tipping is done right from your browser, in Brave it’s a triangle (BAT logo) in the right side of the address bar. Click this and you’ll see the window with Send a Tip button:

Thank You

This support means a lot to me. I’ll keep doing my best to document my Unix/Linux findings in a way that you may find useful.

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