Today Only: Grab Your 100% Free Copy of CrossOver Pro

CodeWeavers are giving their award-winning CrossOver software for free.

What is CrossOver?

CrossOver is a tweaked and polished, proprietary version of Wine – an implementation of Windows API for Unix. Simply put, it's a software which allows you to run Windows applications on your Unix system. Wine, especially since the 1.0 release, is quite a pleasant and reliable way of running Windows software on your Unix desktop, but CrossOver is known for putting many more tweaks on top of the features implemented in Wine, mostly to make popular office packages (Microsoft Office) and games work even better in emulated environment.

CrossOver Pro For Free

For one day only, October 28th 2008, you can go to the CodeWeavers website to request your free registration key for the professional version of their CrossOver software suite – either for Linux or Mac. These are fully functional serial keys for the pro version, technical support included.

The trick is that you need to have this key activated as soon as possible! Originally, you were only given time until midnight, but it is now promised that you'll get another 48hours to activate your key, although free registration keys will stop after 23:59 PM Central Standard Time.

Wait no more – the main CodeWeavers website is already down due to traffic, but Free CrossOver Pro registration form is still available!

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