Sublime Text 4

Sublime Text 4 Sublime Text 4

I’ve been using the dev channel of Sublime Text 4 for so long that I have actually missed the first public release of ST4!

Seems Sublime Text 4 arrived on May 21st, 2021. Public release version is ST4, build 4107.

It’s a solid upgrade and a major rework of most elements around the Sublime Text editor.

I have discovered Sublime Text about a year and a half ago - Sublime Text 3 has been my default editor in macOS and Linux since then. I wish there was a better git integration available - but it seems the focus is on improving it in the separate Sublime Merge product, which I don’t use much due to my preference for Git Tower.

Sublime Text 4

Key improvements in this version are:

  • refreshed UI
  • much quicker day-to-day use - GPU renedering makes this editor super fast even on 4K/5K resolutions
  • much improved syntax highlighting
  • Python API is updated to 3.8 but still done in a way to respect older API and packages for ST3
  • TypeScript support - now supported without additional plugins
  • more context awareness for auto-complete

If you are an existing Sublime Text user or just looking for a great editor to try - have a look at the Sublime Text page and go download ST4!

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