SSH Reference Mindmap

I haven’t shared this on Unix Tutorial before, but I’m a huge fan of mindmaps. I create and use them all the time for any process or knowledge that I am working with.

It seems to me that all the Unix Reference pages I’m creating will greatly benefit from mindmaps, so here’s an example of what I mean:

SSH Reference Mindmap

Why I Like Midmaps

  • it’s a great way to mentally place certain peices of knowledge to where they belong – so that you understand how certain topics relate to each other and this means you’ll remember them better
  • a mindmap is an awesome and very quick way to refresh your knowledge about something – even without specifics like port numbers and command lines you can still learn, remember and recall a lot
  • a mindmap is invaluable to highlighting gaps in knowledge – as you place broad topics into the midmap branch, you often realise that you need to learn more before that section is complete
  • it’s a great learning tool – I can just add questions about things I don’t know and come back later to update them with newly learned pieces of information

Let me know what you think!

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