Reset admin password in OpenMediaVault

If you had forgotten the OpenMediaVault Default Login defaults, this post should help you reset it.

I am putting some finishing touches to my OpenMeviaVault based setup of Helios 4 NAS system. I forgot that I got the default password changed in OMV, so it seems I locked myself out using default password. This meant I had to reset the web admin password. I still had my SSH access, so this post shows steps of completing the recovery.

Run the omv-firstaid command as root

For both steps of this procedure, the easiest is to run omv-firstaid command as root. It’s pretty cool that someone on the OpenMediaVault thought of the typical issues one might run into and prepared a tool like this.

You SSH as the default user (the one you created upon first boot after Armbian install on Helios 4), become root and run omv-firstaid (no command-line options):

OpenMediaVault - First Aid

Reset Failed Login Counters in OpenMediaVault

The OMV setup keeps track of failed logins and you can see it by using the omv-firstaid command.

Select the Reset failed login attempt counter menu item:

OpenMediaVault - Reset failed login attempt counter And you should see the list of accounts with failed login attempts:

OpenMediaVault - Failed Attempts

After we select a user (I chose admin in my case) there will be a confirmation shown:

OpenMediaVault - Reset Counter Confirmation

Change the OpenMediaVault password

Now we start the omv-firstaid command again and select the following option:

Change the OpenMediaVault Password

That’s pretty much it! Hope it helps if you ever have the same issue.

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