tmux reference

What is tmux?

tmmux - text mode multiplexer tmux - text mode multiplexer

tmux is text mode multiplexer – connection and session manager making things much easier if you’re working with more than a server or two at a time.

What tmux does

tmux manages your text sessions using windows and panes in them, allowing you to quickly switch between sessions using hotkeys (meta-key plus tmux command).

Most useful benefit of tmux is that it keeps your sessions running even if you disconnect from the server tmux is running on. So when you’re doing a remote task that’s taking long time – it’s best to start it in a tmux session, because you can disconnect from server but tmux will keep session running and your task executing. You can reconnect to the server and join the same tmux session as if you never left it, continuing with your task.

How To Use tmux

tmux metakey

I configure all of my systems to use tilda as tmux metakey.

This makes for some really easy shortcuts like:

Shortcut Shortcut description
~ tilda, my metakey
~+R re-read tmux config
~+C create new tmux window
~+4 go to tmux window #4 (I’m resetting tmux windows to start with 1, not 0)

How To Configure tmux

Most of configuration is done using .tmux.conf file in your home directory. You need to restart tmux after updating this configuration or invoke a tmux config file reload.

tmux commands

tmux Cheat Sheet

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