Unix Tutorial Projects

I’m always learning something new, and quite regularly the learnings come together to shape a project to automate, improve or simplify some aspect of my setup.

This page will document the Unix Tutorial Projects initiated to date. If you have any great ideas for similar experiments or projects – please let me know.

Unix Tutorial Projects

Project: Setup ed25519 SSH key with YubiKey 5 Nano

I upgraded one of my Yubikeys specifically to support ED25519 SSH keys. This project documents all the steps required for my quick setup. Please also read the ed25519 keys and how to generate them.

miniProject: Staging Environment with Netlify

It really helps when you have a non-production environment to fully test both website updates and the continuous deployment process supporting it. I finally took the time to set a staging copy of Unix Tutorial blog using Netlify.

Projects: Jekyll Migration Follow-up

I migrated a bunch of content to the new Unix Tutorial blog and also used this opportunity to put final touches on the blog, this is a follow-up to the original Migrate Wordpress to Jekyll 4 project (next below).

Project: Migrate WordPress Blog to Jekyll 4

I’ve finally decided to try running Unix Tutorial RU, copy of this blog in Russian, in Jekyll 4 CMS instead of WordPress. Motivation for this Project There’s a few reasons that make migration to Jekyll a very interesting project for me. Before you ask: there’s nothing wrong with WordPress and I’m still a huge fan…

Project: GitHub Pages with Jekyll

This past weekend I decided to finally learn how to use GitHub Pages and to publish my static website using Jekyll. Please let me know if you find anything wrong with my approach, I’m not a software developer and have only used GitHub very little so far.

Project: Password Protect a Website with nginx

I needed to keep a few older websites online for a short little while, but didn’t want to leave them wide open in case older CMS systems were vulnerable – so I decided to protect them with password. What is nginx? nginx (pronounced Engine-Ex) is a webserver, reverse-proxy and caching solution powering a massive portion of Internet.

Project: Compile exFAT-FUSE in RHEL 8

I have a large external SSD disk attached to my new desktop, and because I multiboot between Windows and different versions of Linux, I decided to keep it factory formatted with exFAT, which is an extended FAT32 implementation easily accessible from all of the operating systems for both read and write operations.

Project: Connect LG 5K Display to PC

As I mentioned, I’m building a new Linux based desktop PC – currently running RHEL 8. Since I’m planning it as a primary desktop system for my home lab, I want to eventually migrate workflows from MacBook Pro to the new PC – and this means I want to use my existging LG 5K UltraFine monitor.

Unix Tutorial Projects: Install Ubuntu 19.04 on Dell XPS 13 9380

I just couldn’t wait this long to try Ubuntu 19.04 and all the improvements it brings, so my past week’s project has been to install Ubuntu 19.04 on my Dell XPS 13 9380 laptop.

Use OfflineIMAP For Receiving Email

This week’s Unix Tutorial Project is super geeky and fun: I’m setting up text-based email archive system using Mutt (NeoMutt, actually), OfflineIMAP and hopefully NotMuch.

Projects: Automatic Keyboard Backlight for Dell XPS in Linux

Last night I finished a fun mini project as part of Unix Tutorials Projects. I have writted a basic enough script that can be added as root cronjob for automatically controlling keyboard backlight on my Dell XPS 9380. Bash Script for Keyboard Backlight Control As I’ve written just a couple of days ago.

Projects: Start tmux Instead of Login Prompt on tty1

I’m writing about so many experiments and Unix Tutorial projects lately that I ended up creating the hardware lab section on this blog soon! As you may know, I have a Raspberry Pi system named becky, and it has a 7” touchscreen attached to it. I recently started the Centralised RSyslog Project.

Projects: NAS storage with Helios 4

This past week (actually past two weeks) I worked on building a compact NAS storage system using the Helios 4 kit I had received a few weeks ago. The expected end result is a 4-drive RAID5 storage available to Windows, Linux and Mac backup clients via native file transfer protocols. Helios 4 NAS storage…

Unix Tutorial Projects: Compiling Brave browser on Linux Mint

Some of you may have noticed: I added the link to Brave browser to the sidebar here on Unix Tutorial. That’s because I’m giving this new browser a try and support its vision to reward content producers via Brave’s Basic Attention Token cryptocurrency. If you aren’t using Brave browser already, download and try Brave browser today.

Project: Centralised RSyslog

It’s going to be a server (initially – one of the Raspberry Pi systems in my home office) for collecting logs from the rest of my home office, automation, Unix Tutorial group and hosting/troubleshooting systems.

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