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Iā€™m hardly getting any chance to work on Sun/Oracle hardware and Solaris anymore, but still like tracking the releases. OpenIndiana is a free Solaris implementation based on the Illumos project, and OpenIndiana 2019.10 just got released.

Improvements in OpenIndiana 2019.10

  • Latest improvements from the Illumos project (namely illumos-gate)
  • Lots of documentation updated and moved from old wiki to
  • Python dependent tools (including IPS) upgraded to support Python 3
    • IPS ships Python 3.5 tools and libraries
  • Bash updated; sudo updated; vim updated ā€“ these are like my top 3 commands! šŸ™‚
  • Development toolchain is refreshed
  • Server software packages updated
  • nginx 1.16.1
  • BIND 9.14
  • Samba 4.11 (plus lots of improvements for SMBv3 from Illumos)

More information can be found here: OpenIndiana 2019.10 Release Notes.

Installing OpenIndiana 2019.10

This section is a placeholder: I plan on downloading OpenIndiana ISO image and installing it inside a virtual machine.

Will update this post with links to the OpenIndiana install notes and first screenshots shortly.

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