New Docker Hub Pricing

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I completely missed that Docker Hub has introduced new pricing mode back in May 2020.

New Docker Hub Pricing

Docker Hub Princing Docker Hub since May 2020

At long last, the individual Pro plan is exactly what I wanted it to be:

  • unlimited private repos - previously only 5 were allowed which was simply not enough for my needs
  • there’s now a discount if you pay annually - $60/year meaning $5/month instead of $7/month available previously

I have just activated the Pro plan I use in my technical consultancy: Docker Hub - Tech Stack Solutions Docker Hub - Tech Stack Solutions

Why I Like Docker Hub

I hosted my own Docker container registry and tried a few provided by hosting and cloud providers. But my preference has always been Docker Hub, primary for those reasons:

1. Registry Naming is Great

When using images, you can just use your Docker Hub account name as the starting point for your container registry, instead of a fully qualified hostname:

unixtutorial/db is much easier to use than, for instance. With some providers the hostname is much longer:, for example.

2. Flat Rate Pricing

It’s very easy to let your container registry prices creep up with cloud provides - some charge for just image uploads, some for just downloads, and most charge for the storage per GB.

I like it that with Docker Hub it’s a fixed price.

3. Container Registry Extras

Docker Hub provides a bunch of CI/CD friendly elements that are not necessarily found in other solutions. Usually every cloud provide has basics covered, but in their infrastructure specific way.

Things I plan to use:

  • automated builds
  • automated tests
  • webhooks
  • build triggers

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