Mastery Books by Michael W Lucas

Mastery Books by Michael W Lucas Mastery Books by Michael W Lucas

Look what was delievered a few days ago! Can’t wait to skill up in both SUDO and PAM modules.

Michael W Lucas has written dozens of technical books on some of the most fascinating aspects of systems administration - I’ve read SSH Mastery book in the past and will someday try using FreeBSD for real just because Michael wrote so many books about this wonderful OS.

Both of these solutions support core OS functionality in majority of Unix and Unix-like distributions today.

The irony is because they work so well, many power users and even systems administrators don’t have a solid grap on how thes are implemented or managed.

I’ve been using and implementing SUDO configurations for many years now, but always find new things when I research it. I’m also a big fan of controlling password and authenticaltion policies in PAM, but rarely get a chance to update default configurations that come pre-installed with Linux distros.

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