macOS Ventura 13.0

macOS 13 - Ventura macOS 13 - Ventura

Excellent! Apple just released new version of macOS, codenamed Ventura. As always, most of the features are visual and usability improvements, so from Unix point of view I do not expect anything more dramatic than uplift of shells and built-in software.

This said, there’s been quite a few security fixes (more than a hundred, I think) made in this release: HT213488 - macOS Ventura - so that’s great news.

Notable improvements in macOS 13 Ventura

  • richer search results - Spotlight (and I’m hoping launchers like Alfred) will have access to provide richer results via Quick Look functionality
  • Spotlight quick actions - starting a timer, checking time, enabling/disabling focus mode - sounds cool!
  • Passkeys - sounds like a big step towards improved security. Need to research it more to see how truly useful this new sign-in method is going to be
  • Messages improvements - mark a message unread or edit the message you just sent
  • iCloud Shared Photos - sounds like a great way to collaborate on photos within a family or a team
  • Stage Manager - I never quite learned to use multiple virtual desktops, so maybe this new take at grouping and managing windows will help?
  • iPhone as a webcam - I’m really curious at how well this will work. Seems we’ll get a massive resolution/quality improvement over the built-in camera on most Macbooks? Desk View sounds like another awesome thing to try!
  • Centre Stage - I’ve used this on iPad and it’s pretty cool - the camera follows you to make sure you stay centered in the webcam frame.
  • Share Play - last couple of years are seeing a lot of focus on shared activities - I think it’s awesome how these are shaping up.

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