macOS 10.15 – Catalina Released

Hurray! macOS 10.15 codenamed Catalina is finally here, available for download and install. In my case, as you can see from the screenshot, it’s ready to be installed any minute.

macOS Catalina Installe

I’ve watched some macOS Catalina reviews based on beta but didn’t want to risk installing it on my only work laptop until the final release.

macOS Catalina Improvements

  • New separate apps for managing music, podcasts and movies – wonder what the minimised music player is like
  • Screen Time is now managed from macOS – that’s a super powerful feature for controlling what apps everyone in your familiy (kids, especially) is allowed to run at chosen time intervals
  • Photos improvements – every version brings new things to Photos app, so I’m going to revisit it for sure
  • Notes improvements – I’ve just been thinking to give Apple Notes another try for daily to-do lists cause I need interoperability with Linux (will use based notes on Dell XPS laptop)
  • Voice improvements – a lot has improved even in macOS Mojave, but Catalina is meant to bring things to a whole new level. I really like what Apple is doing with voice recognition and interaction

Notable Changes in macOS Catalina

  • iTunes is gone – there are now separate apps for managing music and movies
  • Integration with Apple account – you can see Apple ID and related settings right in your System Preferences now (used to be hidden in iTunes, I think)
  • Use your iPad as second screen – this should be fun if you have a relatively recent model of iPad and iOS – think iPad’s screen is perfect for some text editing or text console for them SSH sessions

That’s it for now! I’m off to finish the Catalina install!

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