Homelab: MacBook Pro M2

The day has come! After 5 years of using MacBook Pro 15” with retina screen and i7 processor, I have finally upgraded my laptop to the M2 based MacBook Pro 14”: MacBook Pro 14" - M2 MacBook Pro 14” - M2

I didn’t go for the M2 Max setup or 64GB RAM as I do not expect to calculate Universe expansion or render multiple 8K video streams simultaneously on this laptop. Honestly, it’s such a massive step from my 5-year-old Intel macbook that I would still be impressed even with the base M2 model.

It’s a very exciting time to be post-configuring this super powerful laptop using Ansible. I’m using Jeff Geerling’s geerlingguy-mac collection for this, integrated into my own Ansible server as part of the homelab.

If you haven’t used Ansible to configure macOS systems - check it out! I’ve only done the Homebrew part so far, but it’s possible to automate MAS (macOS Apple Store) deployments as well.

Will keep you posted!

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