Linux Mint 19.2 Released

Linux Mint Linux Mint

Great news! Linux Mint 19.2 is now available with its traditional separate releases based on different desktop environments. Think I might give it a try and compare Linux Mint 19.2 to the Ubuntu 19.04 experience.

Linux Mint 19.2 Tina

This release of Linux Mint is codenamed Tina.

Main improvements I’d like to try are:

  • ability to blacklist versions of certain packages so that you block unwanted upgrades
  • Update Manager’s newly added easy way to remove old kernels
  • boot repair functionality added to the boot CD – so if there’s an issue with booting your system after install you have a convenient way to troubleshoot
  • updated Linux Kernel – but not the 5.x branch, it seems
  • further improvements to Xapps – it’s an interesting idea to create regularly updated and conveniently maintained set of tools

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