Linux Kernel 5.4

This past Sunday saw the announcement of Linux Kernel 5.4, this release brings a number of significant improvements.

I think it will be cool to try the following:

  • new virtiofs filesystem – a FUSE based implementation for sharing physical host filesystems with virtual machine guests.
  • exFAT and sdFAT implementations – although my issues on Linux laptop are more to do with card reader than the exFAT filesystem on the microSD Cards
  • booting from CIFS (Wndows share) – don’t quite know how it works, but sounds too cool not to try!
  • lockdown module – a feature aimed to minimise access to Linux kernel even for root user – meaning no direct access to memory and device ports, limited calls and fully controlled debugfs amd kprobes.

Lots of new graphics cards are added into both AMD and Intel drivers, will be interesting to see if anything is improved for my Ubuntu 19.10 laptop.

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