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Keychron K3 Keychron K3 keyboard

Hurray! It’s been a long wait (about 20 days) for the delivery, but my wireless mechanical Keychron K3 keyboard has finally arrived!

Keychron K3 packaging

I’ve been using Apple Magic Keyboard and also Logitech MX Keys for the past year or so, but have been meaning to finally give a try to a more clicky keyboard where tactile keypress response makes huge different to the accuracy and speed of typing.

Keychron K3

Here’s how the K3 looks:

Keychron K3 keyboard

I went for the brown optical low-profile key switches, they’re meant to be a good balance of tactility and clicking sound. Think I made the right choice. There’s also a way to buy additional key switches later and swap them out - in case I want to try Red or Blue switches.

The Keychron K3 is a conscious choice:

  • really small footprint - keyboard is not full width and so takes up little space on the desk
  • I think wireless (naturally, Bluetooth) connectivity is a must unless you’re looking for a gaming keyboard
  • Coming from compact Apple Magic Keyboards, I’m pretty used to such layouts so don’t really need the full sized keyboard
  • Important element was proper arrow keys (not half-height or anything)
  • Another key thing to me was macOS/Windows interoperability - I’ll probably be switching between my MacBook and work Windows laptop a lot

Keychron K3 First Impressions

I haven’t used the Keychron K3 before and the first thing I’m doing with it is typing up this blog post. It feels amazing!

Am really excited about this keyboard, will get used to it and re-try my online typing test to see how much of an advantage a mechanical keyboard like this will provide.

Just look how compact it is: Keychron K3 next Logitech MX Keys Keychron K3 next to Logitech MX Keys

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