Install Brave Browser with Homebrew

Brave Browser

Part of my dotfiles strategy is to automate most of initial setup in all of my Linux and Unix environments. Although most attention goes towards dedicated and virtual servers, I do explore options for automating my primary macOS workstation – and that’s where Homebrew just keeps on helping.

Install Brave browser in macOS

Yes, the easiest is to download package from the official Brave website. There’s an auto-update functionality there too, to be fair. But regular updates can’t be easily automated. That’s why I think brew install of Brave is a better solution – plus you can update quite a few software packages all at once at regular intervals if you manage them via brew.

IMPORTANT: you will need to remove the previous Brave browser installation, otherwise brew will give you an error:

Remove previous Brave installation before installing with Homebrew

Once that is done, simply run:

$ brew cask install brave-browser

Here is how it will look, only takes a few seconds:

Install Brave browser via brew cask

That’s it! We’ve got the latest version of Brave installed:

Give Brave browser a try – it’s fast and privacy friendly, which is a great combination. Think Brave Ads are coming to Europe and Brave Sync is something that’s constantly being improved between mobile and desktop devices – I keep coming back to this browser to watch its progress.

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