Unix text editors

There's quite a few ways for you to edit your texts in Unix. This page summarizes the most common Unix commands for text editing.

Unix text-mode editors

These editors work in your text-only Unix session and are most quick and lightweight ways to make some changes to a text file.

  • ed
  • vi
  • vim
  • pico

Unix text editors with GUIs

These editors are more advanced tools with support for graphics users interface (GUI), which essentially allows for representing available editing options in  more user-frinendly way and support mouse for typical editing operations.

  • gvim
  • emacs
  • gedit
  • kate

Unix WYSIWYG text editors

These are the editors which support the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) concept – meaning that their graphics interface will show you exactly the appearance of your document as it will have when printed.  All font families and sizes, page margins and formatting elements will be shown to make creating of your document the easiest and most natural act.

  • AbiWord
  • OpenOffice Writer