Unix Commands

Unix commands

Unix commands by function

unix text editors

unix job and command scheduling

unix text file manipulation

  • cat
  • more and less
  • head and tail

    unix file manipulation commands

  • ls
  • ln
    • what is ln?
  • cp
  • rm
  • mv
  • chmod
  • chown

    working with directories in unix

  • mkdir
  • rmdir

    filesystem navigation commands in unix

  • ls
  • pwd
  • cd

    unix filesystem operation commands

    unix commands for effective shell scripting

    unix user management

    unix system monitoring

    unix process management

  • ps
  • top
  • htop
  • kill

    unix printing

    unix file compression

    networking commands

  • ifconfig
  • ifconfig not found in debian
  • ifconfig command not found
  • ip
  • ping
  • netstat
  • nslookup – query domain names and IP addresses
  • 5 ways to use nslookup

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