Certified Kubernetes Administrator

sudo patched on macOS

I’m super excited to report that last Friday I sat my online CKA exam and now I’m a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (you can check my CKA status here)!

CKA certification is a problem-solving exam, meaning you don’t have any questions but instead have a number of scenarios to troubleshoot.

The idea behind this approach is that you’re meant to have a certain level of understanding the Kubernetes components in order to successfully navigate and troubleshoot the k8s environment.

I like this approach. If I remember correctly, something similar needed to be done for an RHCSA exam I one did - instead of just learning a bunch of standard questions and answers, you were actually required to understand the RHEL operating system on quite a deep level.

Really enjoyed getting ready for the exam - the preparation course on A Cloud Guru came in really handy. Thanks to a combination of quizes and practice labs, you really get to test multiple aspects of understanding Kubernetes.

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