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Homebrew for macOS Homebrew for macOS

Quite a few visitors arrived at this blog lately with their reports of “brew command not found”, so I figured a quick post would probably help.

Although Homebrew is very popular on MacOS, it’s not a standard tool and not one of the MacOS Commands, so brew does not come preinstalled with your MacOS.

So when you get an error about brew not found, this is quite normal and simply means you’ve never used this software manager before – meaning you need to install it.

How To Install brew in MacOS

The official Homebrew website tells that you simply need to run this command to get started:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Here’s how it will probably look: Homebrew install macOS Homebrew install macOS

Once you press Enter, brew install script will download the latest code for brew and deploy it:

The really cool and clever thing about Homebrew is that going forward brew will be auto-updating itself, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to be running the latest and greated code.

That’t is for now. Chat later!

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