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I really like reading technical books, and being a systems administrator and DevOps consultant really lets me read as much as want and still enjoy getting something interesting and new from every book.

Here are some of the books I have read and taken time to review – these are not necessarily my favorites (I’ll catch up and will publish reviews for my most beloved technical books sometime in 2020), but certainly come recommended.

Let me know if you know (or have written) a technical book around Unix/Linux, shell scripting, Python programming, DevOps or cloud architecture – I would love to read it and maybe even publish a review.

Unix/Linux - Technical Book Reviews

Pro Puppet

Back in 2011, James Turnbull partnered with Jeffrey McCune to produce a marvelous and technically complete sequel to his first book – Pulling Strings with Puppet, The called that sequel book Pro Puppet. I’m moving Unix books reviews from another website, want to keep them here on Unix Tutorial in the Unix Book Reviews section

Practical Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python

Yet another book on Python programming, I read it back in 2014 and must say – I was really impressed, as it’s provided a whole set of skills that I could immediately apply. In this sense, the Pragmatic Programmers series served me well once again – this guide to Python is very practical.

Book Review: Pulling Strings with Puppet

Puppet is an incredibly popular Ruby-based configuration management tool. Gaining its popularity with the open-source edition, it has become popular enough to also appear as a Puppet PE – Puppet Enterprise edition.

Book Review: Learning MySQL

Whether you’re completely new to MySQL databases or someone who knows it well, Learning MySQL will really help you put structure around your knowledge while teaching you a number of nice to have things about MySQL. Covering a range of topics, this book will help you understand more about MySQL installation and performance tuning, provide detailed instructions…

Book Review: Linux iptables Pocket Reference

I’ve just read a really useful book on iptables: Linux iptables Pocket Reference. It’s a great reference book which is quite short but packed with more details than you’ll ever want to know. iptables is a great way to manage all your needs running a gateway server: proxying (transparent proxying), packet forwarding…

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