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Artcic Code Vault Arctic Code Vault

Pretty cool! I noticed recently that my GitHub profile shows an interesting highlight: Arctic Code Vault Contributor.

GitHub Arctic Code Vault

Turns out, GitHub completed a very ambitious initiative of archiving some of the most popular open source projects using long term storage technologies.

The Arctic Code Vault project is not just the multiple backups of open source projects but also one of the most reliable and future-proof storage facilities in existance - aimed at safekeeping the backup copies of most popular GitHub source code projects for the next 1000 years.

Snapshot of 02/02/2020

The GitHub Archive Program explains that the first snapshot was successfully completed back in February 2020, capturing the following for the Arctic Code Vault storage:

The 02/02/2020 snapshot archived in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault will sweep up every active public GitHub repository, in addition to significant dormant repos.

  1. The snapshot will include every repo with any commits between the announcement at GitHub Universe on November 13th and 02/02/2020
  2. Every repo with at least 1 star and any commits from the year before the snapshot (02/03/2019 - 02/02/2020)
  3. Every repo with at least 250 stars

Here’s whats’s captured:

The snapshot will consist of the HEAD of the default branch of each repository, minus any binaries larger than 100KB in size—depending on available space, repos with more stars may retain binaries. Each repository will be packaged as a single TAR file. For greater data density and integrity, most of the data will be stored QR-encoded, and compressed.

I’m one of the Arctic Code Vault Contributors

Artcic Code Vault Contributor I’m one of the Arctic Code Vault Contributors!

This is a pretty cool initiative and I’m really glad the few typos I corrected in some open source projects will now be captured for the next 1000 years!

Have you received the Artic Code Vault Contributor status as well? Please share the project repos in comments.

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