Advanced Unix Commands

These commands will allow you to accomplish various tasks in Unix, generally giving you more options for managing your data and getting things done. Since this is an index of commands, do take a minute to explore each of the pages for all the listed commands, they contain examples of advanced usage of seemingly simple commands.

Unix file operations

  • chmod
  • chown
  • basename
  • ln – make links and symlinks to files and directories
  • find – finding files and directories in Unix

Unix system status commands

  • last
  • w
  • who -r
  • uname
  • lsb_release – find Linux Standard Base (LSB) information

Advanced process management in Unix

  • ps -aef
  • ptree
  • kill
  • nice
  • renice
  • pmap
  • pfiles

Unix filesystems commands

  • fstyp
  • df
  • du

Unix filesystem management

  • mount
  • umount
  • fsck
  • growfs
  • tune2fs – adjust tunable filesystem parameters (for ext2/ext3)
  • mkfs

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