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Raspberry Pi 4 hardware Raspberry Pi 4 hardware configurations options

I’ve just learned about a really cool command for Raspbian OS, available in recent (Debian 9.0 based and later) Raspbian OS releases: pinout command shows you a visual presentation of what hardware configuration your Raspberry Pi has.

Simply type pinout, you don’t even need to use sudo. You’ll see output consisting of 3 parts that are so visual that I’ll screenshot two of them to show you exactly what to expect.

Pinout command for Rasbian OS – Raspberry Pi schematics

First part of the otuput looks really cool – it shows you the model name and the system board layout – where power and HDMI connections, where Ethernet port is and where to plug in USB (mind you, this is not Raspberry Pi 4 but Pi 2 instead):

Raspberry Pi 2 pinout info Raspberry Pi 2 pinout info

Then you get the second part of the output, which is additional hardware info about your Raspberry Pi:

Revision : a01041
SoC : BCM2836
RAM : 1024Mb
Storage : MicroSD
USB ports : 4 (excluding power)
Ethernet ports : 1
Wi-fi : False
Bluetooth : False
Camera ports (CSI) : 1
Display ports (DSI): 1

Finally, the last part of the output of the pinout command is actually the pinouts layout for the GPIO part of Raspberry Pi plaform:

Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinouts Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinouts

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