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Unix Tutorial is a blog that publishes short tips on managing and using Unix, Linux and Unix-like operating systems. Specifically, enterprise distros (RedHat Linux, CentOS, Oracle Solaris) and desktop distros (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MacOS) are covered with daily tips in systems administration. In addition to the [Unix Tutorial website][unixtutorial, there is a Unix Tutorial group on Facebook and @UnixTutorial account on Twitter.

Unix Tutorial started in July 2007. I’ve been writing about technical topics on my Solaris Blog, Desktop Virtualization and Perfect Blogger websites for a couple of years at that time and had been looking to expand into Linux because I needed to use it for work. I noticed an expiring domain UnixTutorial.org and decided to grab it.

Since 2018, I’ve been actively growing this website again - this time preparing to launch my own e-books, educational videos and technical advisory services.

About Me

My name is Gleb Reys. I have been working in various fields of Unix administration since 1998. I migrated to Dublin, Ireland in 2001 and have been extremely lucky to have worked for some of the biggest names in various industries: Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Xilinx, Paddy Power, IBM.

I enjoy exploring new Linux distros, find it fascinating to learn new ways of accomplishing Unix administration tasks and enjoy the opportunity of sharing my technical notes and advice with large community around Unix Tutorial website, on the Unix Tutorial Facebook page and especially on the Unix Tutorial Facebook group. I am also availabe on the @GlebReys Twitter.

I run a technical consultancy called Tech Stack and welcome opportunities to help businesses on their infrastructure or cloud migration journey.

I really like reading technical books and hope to publish a number of eBooks on Linux topics myself. If you want to suggest a new topic for an eBook or video – please get in touch. Also, I would love to read and review your technical book on Linux/Unix administration.

Unix Trademark

This website is in no way affiliated with Unix trademark and any references are made purely for clarification purposes. Thousands of people are looking for Unix-related topics online, but only a fraction of those are consciously searching for information about commercial Unix distributions. Whenever possible, I aim to clarify in my posts that Unix, Unix-like and Linux have different meaning, even though many similarities in commands and command line options still exist.

The present owner of the UNIX trademark is The Open Group, an industry standards consortium. Only systems fully compliant with and certified to the Single UNIX Specification qualify as “UNIX” (others are called “Unix-like”).

Only a handful of operating systems can be called Unix OS, both standards of implementation and annual licensing must be arranged for each such vendor. The Open Group maintains a list of currently licensed Unix operating systems.

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I'm a principal consultant with Tech Stack Solutions. I help with cloud architectrure, AWS deployments and automated management of Unix/Linux infrastructure. Get in touch!
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