Welcome to the all new Unix Tutorial!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Unix Tutorial is now sporting a modern theme that will make it even easier to find and read articles on different topics.

Unix Tutorial Priorities for 2014 so far

  • finish the Unix Tutorial: Guide to SSH
  • expand the Unix Glossary section
  • write more about OSX command line

Anyone has more ideas? Please leave a comment so that I know!

  • NotReal

    I'd like to see a beginners guide to becoming a power user.
    Terminology – Unix/Linux users use different terms than M$Windows power users.
    Uses of common command line commands – Explain the switches, what they do, etc.
    Basic system management – For a single user, or a single user with multiple users. (e.g. parental controls, account management, etc.)
    Commonly used applications – to achieve the above. Unix/Linux equivalents of common M$Windows applications.
    Common distros of Linux/Unix – Simple strengths & weaknesses.

  • Believe it or not, but this is exactly the guide I'm writing! 🙂
    It it planned for the second half of 2014, but there will be single posts of related topics posted before the PDF guide is published.

    Thanks for letting me know!