Climate Change: How You Can Help Prevent It

Since it's Blog Action Day 2009 today, I'd like to remind all the readers of my blog how climate change can be prevented by following really simple rules.

Since Unix Tutorial is a technical blog, I'll try and stay as technical as possible within the topic.

Virtualize to consume less energy, get rid of old hardware

Old servers required a much bigger commitment in the past: not only did they cost a fortune, but they also needed a lot of space and required a lot of power. These days, 1u or 2u server solution can easily outperform a computing system which used to take a whole cabinet in your datacentre. And since the cost of supporting old hardware only increases with each year, it makes a lot of sense to simply but a new server to replace the old infrastructure.

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Ask me a Unix question on Twitter

Hi everyone, it seems to be really long since my last technical post here – too much stuff happening at work, plus I'm studying for a CCNA exam.

If you're in need of quick help – drop me a message on Twitter – I'm UnixTutorial there. I can't promise a prompt reply, but at least this way you'll have some interactivity.

I see how many people leave questions in comments to my posts, and I don't always have the time to reply – so feel free to send me an email if you really need my help.