Useful Solaris OS tips from my Solaris Blog

As some of you may know already, I've recently restarted my activity on another technical blog of mine: Solaris blog.

Solaris blog:

Solaris blog is the very first blog I started, I was actively posting new material in 2006-2007.  Since then my primary focus had shifted to Linux systems, but I realized that I miss Solaris so much that I still need to play with latest versions and features in Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris.

Today I'd like to offer you a few articles from Solaris blog, let me know if you find them useful:

Most of these topics are fairly technical and expect you to have previous knowledge of Solaris OS, but Unix Tutorial is here to take care of the basics – so ask away and I'll be glad to help you discover Solaris in my future posts.

  • sunny

    1) How to configure SNMP and generate traps.
    2) How to configure and Administor IPMI tool in Solaris 10 Servers.

  • satya

    excited to recieve tips