Update on Unix Tutorial Membership

Hi all, and thanks for a great interest in the Unix Tutorial membership!

A warm welcome to all the new members!

In just 2 days, more than 50 of you have joined, so I'm confident we'll have great time sharing Unix knowledge in the next few months.

I've got the first few modules of material posted already – they're really simple but that's the whole idea as I target beginners of all levels with my introductory course. I'll be posting more modules in the coming days, and there's already a curriculum posted on forums for people to discuss.

Only 3 more days of free UnixTutorial membership

Unfortunately, I'm also seeing a lot of interest from spammers – because the membership is free, no credit card or Paypal transactions are involved, and this means anyone can register and start spamming the protected forums.

Given the above situation, and also because I'm going away for a few weeks rather soon, I have just decided to close the first wave of enrollments earlier than originally planned: Unix Tutorial enrollment will be closed down this Friday, midnight GMT.

If you know someone who's eager to get started with Unix, please tell them about Unix Tutorial membership so that they can get onboard before the enrollment is over. I'm looking for genuinely interested people prepared to commit some of their time, so if it's just about someone hoping to get a placeholder for accessing premium content in the future – please refrain from signing up at this time.

That's it for the moment! Thanks again for your interest, I'll do my best to make sure you learn plenty of new Unix tricks and gain immediately applicable knowledge from the Unix Tutorial members section.

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