Join the UnixTutorial waiting list

First Unix Tutorial enrollments are only 2 weeks away

I will have the first three modules of the Unix Foundations course ready in the next few weeks, and plan to open the Unix Tutorial Members area in exactly 2 weeks, on March 16th, 2009.  

You can now join the Unix Tutorial waiting list to make sure you get an email when I open the registration.

It will only be an initial opening, so I will limit the registration period to 2 weeks only: on March 30th 2009, the registration will be closed so that I can get to know all the newly joined members and spend the next few months helping them go through the course. I will happily spend my spare time to answer all the technical questions, and will use this experience to further improve the courses and the way they're presented.

What to expect from Unix Tutorial membership

The initial Unix Tutorial membership is a unique offer, because it will be a life-time access to Unix Tutorial courses. The way I see it is that over time Unix Tutorial members area will grow into one of the most comprehensive collections of premium Unix study materials.

The basic, foundation courses will be aimed to help as many people as possible to get started with Unix, and will therefore always be free (although registration will still be required so that new members can access forums).

The advanced topics, however, are likely to be much more technical, will have more details and will probably be useful to a smaller number of people looking to specialize their Unix skills to suit their professional needs. Such topics are very likely to be available on a paid subscription basis only.

So here is the deal: all the initial Unix Tutorial members will be given a free life-time access to ALL the courses, even the premium ones. There's only one condition – if you plan on becoming one of the lucky initial members,  you should be genuinely interested in learning Unix and be an active member of the community – participating in discussions and helping others. You will learn a great deal about Unix and will get an opportunity to ask any questions you like, so I think it's only fair that you commit to helping other members.

Join the Unix Tutorial waiting list

If I got you interested, please take a few moments to subscribe to the announcement list, I will use it to announce the initial registration opening and to also communicate further important updates.

Please know that this subscription is not a guarantee that you'll get placement in the initial membership group, you will still have to register within 2 weeks of enrollment period.