Want to Learn Unix with me?

As I plan my goals for 2009, I'm thinking of making a few self-paced courses for all the readers of this blog.

I think it's about time some of the basics are covered in a format of a course, complete with structured material and examples and with some multiple-choices testing.

If you want to learn Unix

If you're interested in anything like this, please leave comments or contact me directly with your suggestions for course topics and desired structure. Also, if you're keen in becoming a member – join the Unix Tutorial waiting list right now!

Unix Tutorials – self-paced courses

So far, the most popular topics and therefore the first candidates for courses are the following:

  • Unix shell scripting
  • Finding files and directories in Unix
  • Unix users and groups
  • File ownership and access permissions
  • rsync tutorial
  • sudo tutotial
  • unix sockets
  • comparing files in Unix

Have you got an idea for a great Unix tutorial? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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  • Rufus

    I'd use that if you made it.

  • I am interested in learning with you. I am using Linux for a year now but I think I have lots to learn.
    My suggested topics will be, grep – sed -awk. They can be mentioned briefly, not necessarily too deep.

  • Md Quaiser ali

    i want to learn shell scripting from basic

  • Gleb Reys

    Thanks for your interest!
    I'm finishing the first course in two weeks time, and will announce it here on my pages. The second course planned is going to be about shell scripting basics, so stay tuned!

  • Kuba

    I 'll look into my shell-materials to see if I can be of any help here, Gleb.

    Regs, Kuba

  • Gleb Reys

    Thanks, look forward to hear your ideas, Kuba!

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  • Sandeep Sagar

    Hey… I came to this page from "Where, how and why are you using Unix?" Well this idea is great !!

    Could you please add ZFS?

    Did you guys start learning already? If not, when are you planning to kick-off?

  • Gleb Reys

    Hi Sandeep, thanks for stopping by! With Solaris (now – OpenSolaris) being my Unix passion, there's guaranteed to be plenty of Solaris-specific topics – ZFS, Solaris zones (including Solaris 8 ones), SMF and, of course, DTrace. We haven't started yet, I'll send the announcement next week.

  • Rahul Bhavan

    Hi Gleb,

    Iam a beginner in Linux and Unix i would like to learn more about Unix and Linux.

  • hi.. This is Srikanth… I luv linux n unix very much. I'm in intermediate level. If you like i will support you for your website. I will also write some articles about unix n linux tips and configuration of servers.

  • Great tutorial..thank you so uch