New section on this blog: Unix Commands

I've just integrated a new section: Unix Commands. The long-term plan is to have a categorized list of commands with most common usage documented in my typical easy-to-follow examples.

So far, there's not much, but I will referer to this section a lot in my future posts and its pages will have more examples for a particular Unix command compared to the original Unix Tutorial post where such a command is mentioned.

Have a look for yourself:

  • Unix Commands – the main index
  • Basic Unix commands – like it says, they really are basic. If you can think of something else which should be part of it, let me know
  • Advanced Unix commands – to Unix gurus they'll seem basic as well, but my only guidance so far was that commands there will be the ones you don't have to use on a daily basis. As I add more pages, this section will most likely become something like "Most common Unix commands" and a set of really advanced commands will be added.

Let me know what you all think, and if there are some immediate candidates for any of the section – let me know and I'll add them to my list!