script: Save Your Session Log

If you ever need to save the history of your Unix shell session, one of the easiest ways to do it is to use the script command, found in most Unix systems.

Simply provide the file name for your log as a command line parameter:

$ script /tmp/unix-session.log

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Perl: Searching Through Directory Trees

I had a need to scan a huge directory tree today, identifying the users and Unix groups owning all the files. The problem I faced was too long usernames and group names which meant the

find /directory -ls

command which I normally use for such tasks wasn't terribly useful because there was no space delimiter between a username and a group. Results of such scan of the directory tree will have to later be parsed by other tools, and that's why proper splitting of the output into separate fields is so important.


This issue was motivational enough to refresh my Perl skills and sketch the following script (based entirely on this Never Run Unix Find Again article).

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